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Specializing in abstract oil painting. 

I hope my work is as much of an escape for the viewer as it is for me when I create it.  I paint to find my way out of myself and into the reaches of some other space and time.  Sometimes the journey introduces me to some odd character that may come out of some demented story or into the spaces in-between spaces.

I use color as the main characters in most of my work with the supporting cast of line and texture.  For me, there is rarely a finished piece without all three playing major roles.  Each of them needs to pull their own weight in the piece and hopefully set up enough tension to keep the viewer interested in what is in front of them.

When working I turn the music up loud and lose myself in the work.  I don’t always have a plan and when I do, the plans don’t usually work.  What ends up happening is I keep pushing the work until it goes (usually kicking and screaming) into shape. 

Please ckeck out my page at to see more of my work. 

Jonathan Foss 10/18/11.

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Devil May Care
Oil on Canvas 9x11"

And He Said To the Moon
11x14'' Oil on canvas

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Distant Vision
Oil On Canvas 11 X 14"